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tv   Today  NBC  September 27, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday, september 27, 2012. welcome to cbs "this morning." the nfl makes a late night deal to bring real referees back on the field. >> republicans tell mitt romney to be more aggressive. we'll ask senator john mccain what romney should be doing. >> the turbulence continues at american now that the airline is threatening to take its pilots to court to put an end to all those flight cancellations. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. standing ovations. league reaches a deal wednesday night with the association.
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>> simultaneous smile. >> the nfl and league officials end the three month lockout. >> regular referees will be on the field starting with thursday night's game. >> the deal which must be ratified by the union will happen on friday. >> the media has finally taken a stand on an issue on this day and said let's bring our boys home. >> i want to see us export more jobs, export more products, excuse me. i was channelling my opponent there for a second. >> the obama campaign engaging in character assassination? >> oh, sure. >> four military guards died in back-to-back suicide car bombs. >> hundreds of passengers endure a frightening landing at kennedy airport. >> a dying man's chip may lead to the final resting place of
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jimmy hoffa. >> a man has been arrested after posting this video showing a teenager aiming a rocket launcher. >> check this out. you can now navigate your way under water. >> do you mind if i ask you a lot of dumb american questions? >> fire away. >> that's why we say do this. >> i love polling. i love polish people. i like it. >> all that matters >> in what was his last interview, mahmoud ahmadinejad called for a new world order not dominated by western power on cbs "this morning." >> everybody who walked by there got a mad bobble head doll. >> a collector's item. welcome to cbs "this morning." national football league officials are going back to work after three weeks of outrage
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over the replacement referees the nfl and regular refs agreed on a tentative contract. >> the lockout comes to an end tonight. jeff glor has how things unfolded. >> monday night football was the final impetus. the regular refs will be on the fielding for tonight's game. after three weeks of agonizing officiating, it got worse not better. monday night's mess in seattle, it's over. in the end it was two days of marathon sessions between negotiators for the referees union and the league including commissioner roger goodell and a federal mediator. the nfl tweeted late wednesday night the deal was done. >> after week one when there was no incidents they thought they would be able to squeak by.
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in the last couple of days you see this has been the dominant issue of the sport. >> the two sides were able to hash out a few key differences. on retirement benefits the agreement maintains the pension plan for current referees through 2016. or 20 years of service while transitioning new hires to 401(k) style plans. earlier wednesday there was an agreement on the league's demand for alternate referees available on stand by in order to potentially bench current referees for poor performance. the agreement creates a stable of refs for training only not for subbing out. the average salary increases from 49,000 now to 17000 next season topping out at 205,000 on average in 2019. >> it was a labor negotiation. neither side is completely pure. the nfl is a league that knows its pr. it understands when it starts to
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lose the battle. >> the deal must be ratified by the refs but that's expected to be a formality. it should be noted what the referees got does not appear to were asking for just recently y leading some to wonder why wasn't this avoided? this extended delay? the answer some owners were especially dug in. that position became far less tenable especially after monday. charlie, norah. >> thank you. with us now, lynn zinser, a sports columnist for the "new york times" and james brown, host of the nfl today on cbs. is this a deal in which one event pushed the nfl to make a deal they weren't prepared to make early? >> absolutely. certainly the ending of monday night' game was the pivotal point in getting this done, but it was really only the tipping point. what had happened was a blown
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call aside, the rethe placement refs had lost control of the games. players weren't respecting them. they were trying to get away with all kinds of things. it's like kids with a substitute teacher. it was spiraling out of control before monday night's game. that was the last straw. with everybody coming out agait the situation, they just couldn't go through this for one more weekend. >> james, j.b., can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> what can you add to the deal? >> i love the way lynn characterized it. she's correct. look, charlie, especially on the point in terms of game administration, maintaining control. there was way too much chipiness out on the field. look, your got a field full of gladiators. the officials couldn't maintain control this thing could have got engrossly out of hand soon. >> how did they misjudge sort of these referees, these
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replacement referees so badly? >> you know, norah i have to believe that the league approached this with a great amount of trepidation even at the beginning. if you've ever seen a nfl rule book it's like getting a ph.d.. there's no way to get those officiating at the lower level, please there's no way in the world they could have displayed the kind of competency out there on the field. >> what we're looking at nfl owners pressuring roger goodell to get this done before thursday night because our brand is being eroded. >> i think most of all the fans, kind of the whole nfl community pressure to get this done. this was like the perfect storm of people coming together and say this just can't happen any more. so, certainly the owners were going to feel it. but everybody was feel it. when does the entire kind of nfl media rally around one point so strongly. it just doesn't happen.
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especially against a league, you know, who everybody loves the nfl and is such a popular league and to have everything roaring in one direction against them. >> here's tinting idea. this may very well make the refs, clearly make mistakes in the future but make the refs more part of the nfl community. you have owners, you have fans, you have players and now the refs, there's an appreciation of what they bring. j.b.? >> you know what, charlie, they always have been appreciated but make no mistake about it they are some of the most competent officials in any sport globally. however while the fans may well greet them with a stand ovation later tonight the players and coaches will be glad to have them back, somewhere in the first quarter, with the first blown call, they will be booed and this is an oxymoron but lovingly booed as well. >> lovingly booed. >> lynn, thank you. j.b., thank you. >> thank you, charlie, norah. >> the race for the white house
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shifts to virginia. president obama and governor mitt romney will be there. recent polls in virginia shows the president with a slight edge but in two of the battleground states ohio and florida the latest cbs news poll shows romney falling behind. as jan crawford reports some republicans are calling for their candidate to pick up the pace. jan? >> reporter: good morning. that's right. conservatives are really starting to get anxious when they look at some of those polls that i didn't pick up any of that. i did an interview with romney. he was measured. even skipped several chances to land some blows. he said look i'm going to stay on course, keep the message. he had some harsh words for the president but said i'm not going play that game. >> this is a campaign not about character assassination, even though i think that's what's come from the obama camp by and large. >> character assassination. has the obama. campaign engaged in character assassination. >> sure. they completely misrepresent my point of view as well as the
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reason why i'm in the race. the american people are interested in who will make their life better. >> reporter: romney supporters are imploring him to be more aggressive. >> we hear this more and more from your conservative supporters be more aggressive. >> reporter: i'll be who i am and describe why i am the person that will become the next president of the united states and how my policies will make life better for american families. >> romney has had trouble getting that message across. the obama campaign is far out spending him in advertising in swing states. and the media conservatives say is biassed against him. in our interview romney declined to take what would be an easy shot for any republican politician. >> do you think the mainstream media is in the tank for president obama? >> we have a system of free press. people are able to provide their own perspectives based on their own beliefs. there's some people more in my camp, some people more in his camp. i don't worry about that. >> reporter: campaigning wednesday in ohio, president
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obama had no trouble being critical of his opponent even converting a verbal misstep into an attack on romney. >> i want to see us export more jobs. export more products. excuse me. [ laughter ] i was -- i was channelling my opponent there for a second. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now the president is out with another new ad today and it looks almost like he's trying to one up romney. remember romney really said yesterday where he's talking directly to voters, making his case. today president's new ad very similar format. >> jan crawford, thank you. there's a new controversy this morning over the attack on the american consulate in benghazi libya. on wednesday, secretary of state hillary clinton seemed to suggest for the first time that al qaeda was behind the attacks that killed the american ambassador to libya but this morning the state department is saying hold on. margaret brennan is here with us. this is an example where the
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state department does not like the story that's on the front page of the papers today. >> she do not. the secretary gave a speech about mali. two references to al qaeda. because of that the "new york times" wrote this story saying she is linking the two. senior aides to secretary of state say she absolutely does not have the evidence to assert that link right now. remember the fbi has to make this determination. they are still not in benghazi. state department will say, those that al qaeda and aqim is active in the region. there's arms coming from mali into libya and this is one of the countries where you have a new government that isn't in fully control of security in the area. >> they don't have the evidence, they are waiting for the fbi to investigate. do they have anything to suggest there might be a link? >> they don't say that they have evidence either way. what they do and talk about is one of the extremist groups in
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the are a, who is believed to be behind this but still don't have the evidence to assert that at this point may have some relationship with al qaeda. they just can't say either way. >> with us now arizona senator john mccain. senator, pleasure to have you here. before we talk politic, let me ask you this question. you knew the ambassador. admired the ambassador. what do you worry about here in the fact that there seems to be an inability to find out what happened, whether it's spontaneous or was there some plan? >> well to start with, charlie, i mean it was just unbelievable that secretary rice, excuse me, ambassador rice and secretary
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clinton and white house spokesman and others would say that there was no evidence -- that this was a spontaneous attack, yet they say come on honey bring your mortars we're going to a spontaneous demonstration. it was obvious, it was obvious that this was a planned attack that they carried heavy weapons, mortars, rpgs, and clearly it was not a demonstration, nor was it a result of a hateful video. >> if it was obvious why doesn't the administration say that? >> i don't know. some allege maybe it's because they are trying to convey to the american people that al qaeda is no longer a threat, but when osama bin laden left that that was the case. but the reality is that al qaeda is well, and thriving in some places, including iraq, including in syria where there's more and more those kinds of people coming in, including
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other parts of the middle east. and it's just disgraceful that we would say that an attack such as this was the result of a demonstration. >> disgraceful is a strong word to be used. you've never shied away from that. how can you say you know? >> how can you say when there's an attack with mortars, with heavy weapons, indirect and direct -- anybody who understands warfare, anybody who has the fundamental understanding of warfare knows that that's not a spontaneous demonstration. that's now, norah. >> as you know libya -- what susan rice said on a number of shows over the weekend which you have criticized -- i read this morning. >> i was on after her. she said they had no evidence that it was not a spontaneous demonstration. how could you say that when mortars indirect, direct fire
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and heavy weapons are being used at this is as a result of a spontaneous demonstration? also incredible to blame it on a video. it's not the video. its the islamist using the video. >> do you believe that al qaeda is behind the attack. >> i think that this was an orchestrated attack. clearly the organization that was heavily involved is involved with extremist organizations. and so i can't say exactly but it's clear that there's a connection between these people and to say that it was a spontaneous demonstration is really beyond belief. it shows a fundamental pwarfare but of what's going on in that part of the world. >> you raise the issue how do you make these embassies more secure. we have to turn to politics. >> could i say its the obligation of the host country but our obligation to assess that security and clearly from
7:17 am
his diaries that chris stevens was deeply concerned about that. >> one of the interesting aspects of the u.n. session going on now is they are looking into al qaeda's influence in mali. they are concerned about it here. politics. >> politics. >> you've been there. >> you had to bring that up. >> 2008. does the romney campaign, is it in trouble? does it need to do something different than it's doing? >> well, i think it's obvious that there's ups and downs in these campaigns. obviously time marches on. we're looking forward to the debates, as you know and there have been difficulties and you have to give the president credit for the campaign they are running, which is by the way the most vicious that i have ever observed as far as their attacks on mitt romney are concerned.
7:18 am
but politics isn't a bean bag. i think we'll keep moving one foot ahead of the other. i would be talking about this failed foreign policy whether in iraq where it's disintegrating, in afghanistan where we can no longer train and equip afghan soldiers, whether in iran where our biggest problem seems to be between the united states and israel not between israel and the united states. >> you think he should spend more time talking about foreign policy than about the economy and jobs? >> i think he should do both, particularly in light of the tragic death of ambassador stevens. >> good to have you here. thank you senator. >> thanks for mafg me on. >> we want to turn to some of the headlines from some of the newspapers. the "financial times" reports on the financial crisis in spain. today the spanish government announces budget cutbacks. on wednesday there were protests outside of the spanish parliament for a second day in a row. political turmoil is causing spanish stocks to nose dive. britain's guardian reports
7:19 am
on massive new demonstrations in greece. protesters had violent confrontations with police. there's new wage and pension cuts. the greek finance minister said the government has agreed on an austerity budget for next year. >> "usa today" finds income is growing much faster in republican leaning red states. personal income in those 23 states has risen 4.6% since the recession began five years ago. democratic leaning blue states income is up only half of 1%. >> the "wall street journal" reports two big companies are overhauling worker health benefits. sears and garden restaurants are giving employees a fixed sum of money and allowing home to choose their medical coverage from an online market lays. they say it will give workers more control over health
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>> more american airlinesing flights are arriving late or not taking off at all. the airline is threatening to take pilots to court. this morning we'll ask a company spokesman if passengers should take a chance on flying american. >> and six years ago a young player's big league career began and ended in one moment. >> he got hit in the head. on his very first pitch. >> why adam greenberg is trying to get back to the majors and why a dedicated group of fans is helping him online on cbs "this morning". sure wish you guys would bring layaway back.
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landing gear appears normal. >> does not appear to be normal. appears as you were landing, nose is straightening out. stop whenever you like. >> drama there at kennedy airport. a flight from brazil made an emergency landing yesterday. as you heard the landing gear was twisted sideways but straightened out just before the plane landed and no one was hurt. welcome to cbs "this morning." american airlines cancelled more than 700 flights since mid-september. it blamed labor dispute with its pilots. on wednesday american warned the pilots that the airline may take
7:31 am
their union to court. >> that threat came in a letter sent just a few hours after the pilots union agreed to resume contract talks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dallas-ft. worth international airport is headquarters for american airlines. this morning the threat of legal action against the pilots union could stall negotiations. turbulent would be a good way to describe the past few weeks for american airlines. this month's on time arrivals have dropped below 60%, down from the carriers monthly average of 82%. and since september 16th, the airline has cancelled more than 700 flights. passengers like harry roberson whose outgoing flight was cancelled last week are
7:32 am
concerned. >> we need to look at another airline. >> reporter: the airline say the hiccups are due to pilots calling in sick and there's a spike in maintenance work orders by pilots. however american says it's all part of a work action sparked by labor problems. >> there's absolutely no job action that is being orchestrated or sanctioned or being led by the pilots union. >> reporter: last month a bankruptcy court seeking to trim labor costs by $1 billion gave the airline permission to throw out an existing contract with its pilots. this after the union refused to give concessions on a new contract. >> bankruptcy allows the corporation to extort concessions. >> reporter: last week pilots took to the pickett lines. while pilots and american are in a stalemate, flight attendants and mick anybody unions have come to terms with the airline. those two unions have very little confidence in the company.
7:33 am
>> obviously there was very poor decision-making. i don't believe american can survive this. >> reporter: if and when the parties go back to the table remains to be seen. american airlines says it will emerge from bankruptcy protection with or without a renegotiated pilots contract. charlie and norah. >> they'd of the pilots union told american pilots this week please conduct yourselves as the professionals that you are. bruce hicks joins us now at dfw airport. good morning. is your airline losing credibility so that people should ask themselves should i be flying american? >> charlie, first i want to say to our customers that we sincerely apologize for all of the disruptions and that they've been through over the past two weeks. this is not the way american airlines runs an airline. for our customers we had more than an 80 year history of our customers having confidence in us and continue to have
7:34 am
confidence in us. these issues will not continue. they cannot continue. they are unacceptable and we understand that our customers are upset. they should be. >> bruce, i mean you know we've got 701 flights cancelled since september 16th. on time performance at 58%. i know you're apologizing to customers but people are busy, they are going to say and think twice about flying american. what do you do in in? >> we have reached out to the pilots union yesterday and asked them in electronic terms to help put a top some of the actions by some of our pilots. some not all. if that's not successful, if the operation is not running smoothly we've left no recourse but to seek injunktive relief. >> you're threatening legal action. your blaming the pilots for the problem >> there's no question that some
7:35 am
of our pilots are doing things that are disruptive to our operation or harmful to our customers and in fact, on all the employees of the company but most importantly to our customers. we can't sustain this. we can't allow this to continue. we won't allow to it continue. >> what are the pilots doing? >> well there's any number of things. most of them are the maintenance write ups at the last minute oftentimes just as the door close. different things that create delays. some of the delays are caused by insignificant things like broken coffee pots or broken passenger reading lights or torn seat pockets. we've had a huge increase in the number of complaints within the cockpit things like the lights not bright enough. those are up more than twice. complaints about cockpit wind shields -- yes ma'am. >> the union, the pilots union insists there's no job action being orchestrated or sanctioned by the union but it's also worth noting that the pilots have been working without a contract since
7:36 am
2003. should there be a contract with the pilots? there's a failure to come to an agreement that toledo this pain forcustomers. >> american has been committed to having consensual agreements with all of our labor groups. has always done that. >> but nine years is a long time. >> we have in fact contracts recently reached with our flight attendants union and transport union workers. we have a tentative agreement with the board of directors of the pilots union. unfortunately it didn't ratify. but it was an agreement that, in fact, that would provide the company the cost savings necessary for successful restructuring and provide our pilots with a solid agreement going forward. but that didn't ratify. >> suppose there's a merger between u.s. air and american what impact would that have? >> well, i can tell you that american is taking a careful look at strategic alternatives
7:37 am
to our tanned alone plan. we've signed nondisclosure agreements with several organizations including u.s. airways. but we're not going to talk about the specifics of those at this point. >> bruce hicks, thank you very much. it was the greatest moment of his life and the worst. adam greenberg faced only one pitch in the big league. we'll show you how he's going after a second chance right here on cbs "this morning". i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved.
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imagine this. you get all the way to the major leagues and the minute you take the field your career is over. it really happened to one player. fans have start ad no bring him back to home plate.
7:42 am
mark, good morning. >> reporter: this is a story for anyone who has ever want ad second chance. at a major missed opportunity. adam green had a career unlike any other player in major league baseball history. adam greenberg lives for his next at-bat. he plays for israel's national team trying to connect with a stolen dream. so many kids chase the dream of major league baseball. was that new >> yeah. of course. as far back as i can remember, it was the dream of playing and being on that diamond and playing in a game and, you know, winning a game and that was the dream. that was the vision. >> reporter: he starred at the university of north carolina. in 2002 the chicago cubs drafted him in the ninth round. then july 9th, 2005, a cubs marlins game in miami. greenberg called up from the minors pitch hit against valerio
7:43 am
de los santos. his first big league at-bat. he was 24. >> i was beyond excited. had some nerves, of course. but trying to keep the composure of the task at hand. >> all your athletic life had been preparing for that moment. >> correct. >> reporter: adam greenberg's major career lasted all of one pitch. >> here's greenberg. look out. he got hit in the head. >> reporter: a 92 mile-per-hour fast ball had hit him square on the back of his head. >> man. hate to see that. certainly hope the young man is okay. >> i remember feeling it hit my skull. and i remember grabbing it instantly, feeling like i was holding it together. in my mind my head split open and i grabbed it to hold it together. i went to the ground immediately. my eyes rolled to the back of my head. i couldn't control them for the first time in my life and i was scared to death, bottom line. >> did you think it was over? >> i was trying to tell myself
7:44 am
just stay alive. that's the only thing i was thinking. >> reporter: he had a concussion. fought vertigo for a year and a half. suffered migraines, vision problems and depression. he bounced around the minors for the next six seasons but never got another big league moment. it's hard to get rid of the idea that somebody snatched your dream away from you as it got within an arm's reach. >> greatest moment and time in my life was matched at the exact same time by the worst thing that could possibly happen. >> didn't have time to duck. >> a chicago cubs fanatic was haunted by watching greenberg's terrible at-bat. he launched a nationwide campaign in august to get any major league team to give greenberg one more at-bat. more than 22,000 people have signed a petition. >> it doesn't count as an official at-bat so that's why we want to do this campaign to give
7:45 am
him the official at-bat it deserves. at-bat that he earned. >> looking good. >> i feel good. >> reporter: we were in florida as they metaphor the first time. greenberg says liston reenergized him. >> can't wait to be there in a big league ballpark and have you step up to the plate. >> you're 31 years old. that's not 41 but it's not 21. >> correct. >> how long can you chase this dream? >> i'm 31 going on 22, though. so i always like to make that clear. the dream of continuing to play as long as i have in my heart, to put a time cap on it, i mean how do you do that? >> reporter: for both these guys it's bigger than baseball. they are chasing something for anyone who has ever lost a dream. >> so here we have one man getting one more shot. is there feeling that he might do it? >> well, there's been some news
7:46 am
overnight. the florida marlins have agreed to offer him a one day contract. next tuesday for a home game against the miami marlins the same team he was playing when he was hit in the back of the head. it's a first step for adam greenberg in the sense that it might give him the audition to continue to play major league baseball. but seven years it's taken him to get back to the moment the heat lost. >> it hit his skull. >> under his helmet. valerio de los santos, the miami left-hander as soon as he realized his first thoughts is this guy is dead. how can he survive something like this. the fact so barely survived it on a number of levels and now he's fought all the way to come back. it's great for anybody who has want ad second chance this is it. >> that's the best part of this story that, you know, he's still pursuing his dream and going to have a shot at the miami marlins
7:47 am
who are playing the mets. >> the cubs will be playing the marlins. the marlins are going to play the mets. exactly. i was wrong. >> how badly we want to see him hit a home run. >> yeah. th a group of researchers is showing us how much life there really is in the ocean. we'll see how it was discovered
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♪ it is 8:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. welcome to cbs "this morning." the nfl end the lockout so the regular referees will be back on the field tonight. and did da vinci actually paint two mona lisas? we'll show you the painting that has everyone talking. first here's what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on cbs "this morning." certainly the ending of monday night's game was the pivotal point in getting this done. >> after three weeks of outrage over the replacement of referees nfl and regular refs agreed
8:01 am
overnight on a tentative contract. >> it doesn't appear to differ enormously from what they were asking for which leads to some wondering why wasn't this avoid. >> they will be glad to have them back in the first quarter. with the first blown call they will be booed. >> race for the white house shifts to virginia. some republicans are calling for their candidate to pick up the pace. >> we hear this over and over from your conservative supporters be more conservative. >> i'll be who i am and describe why i think i am the person that will become the next president of the united states. >> it's obvious that there's ups and downs in these campaign. >> landing gear essentially was twisted sideways but straightened you want just before the plane landed. >> the greatest moment and time in my life was matched at the exact same time by the worst thing that could possibly happen. >> an airline in asia announced its selling seats in what they call the quiet zone where babies are not allowed.
8:02 am
>> people most likely to purchase seats in the quiet zone are businessmen and parents of babies. [ laughter ] good line. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. nfl's replacement referees are out. regular officials will be back tonight. the league and the officials union reached a tentative deal overnight to end the three month lockout that followed two days of marathon talks and three weeks of controversy over mistakes by the replacement refs. the eight year agreement increases the average salary fry $149,000 a year to $205,000 in 2019. it also settles a dispute over referees pension. this morning james brown of the nfl today told us fans and players will be glad to have the regular refs back and then back to business as usual. >> they always have been appreciated but make no mistake about it. they are some of the most competent officials in any sport
8:03 am
globally. however while the fans may well greet them with a stand ovation later tonight, the players and coaches will be glad to have them back somewhere in the first quarter with the first blown call even with the most competent officials they will booked and this is an oxymoron but lovingly booed as well. >> president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in the battleground state of virginia. a new nationwide gallup poll of registered voters shows the president leading romney 50-44%. jan crawford caught up with romney on wednesday as he faced new pressure from republicans to get tougher. >> reporter: good morning. romney really has taken some hits in the polls and conservatives, his supporters are getting anxious. they are starting to get nervous that time is running out. i had a chance to talk with him yesterday before a big rally in ohio and i picked up none of that from romney. no anxiety, no nervousness. he looked very measured like someone who is going stay the
8:04 am
course, stay on message. he talked a lot about the debate and that's a chance for the american people to see his message and also for him to show what he says is some false attacks by the president. he had some pretty harsh words for the president too and his campaign. take a listen. >> this is a campaign not about character assassination even though i think that's come from the obama camp by and large. >> character assassination. has the obama campaign engaged in character assassination. >> oh, sure. they kpletdly misrepresent my point of view. fundamentally the american people are interested in who will make their life better. >> president and romney were in ohio yesterday. a key swing state. today they are in another one at the same time, virginia. they are both campaigning there today as they are going head-to-head anyway on the campaign trail. but this is almost the critical moment for romney to get this campaign, to focus his campaign and he believes he can do that. that's the sense i have from him
8:05 am
from his advisers. they believe they will win this thing. charlie, norah, gayle. >> authorities are following a new tip on jimmy hoffa to a driveway near detroit. a man told police he believes he saw the long time teamsters boss being buried there 35 years ago. investigators will take soil samples tomorrow. hoffa was last seen july 30, 1975 outside a suburban detroit restaurant. he was on his way to a meeting with another teamster official and mobster boss. there was speculation he was buried under the old giants stadium in new jersey or thrown into a florida swamp. >> tough decision when should older drivers stop driving. a new study say doctors can play a significant role. researchers found when doctors tell patients they may not be fit to drive or when they tell the dmv there's a drop in serious crash injuries. most of the patients in the study were more than 60 years old. it's unclear if those patients drove less or just more
8:06 am
carefully. in the u.s. it's estimated 600,000 older drivers hand over their keys every year. a group in switzerland plans to unveil a portrait today claiming it is an earlier version of the mona lisa painted by leonardo da vinci. "isleworth mona lisa," similar to the one hanging in the louvre, it's 11 or 12 years older than the real thing. and this morning scientists are taking stock of the oceans and finding amazing things. mark phillips reports, french researchers say they found 1.5 million previously unknown species. >> reporter: it's a big expedition looking at some of the world's smallest but most important creature, the terra is a sailing research vessel that complete ad 2 1/2 year 7,000 mile voyage looking for plankton
8:07 am
the microscopic creatures whose role is massive. >> they generate the oxygen in every second breath that we breathe. incredibly important. they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. >> reporter: the team collected samples of sea water and found they say about a million and a half species of plankton, twice the number previously known. they found something else too. minute shreds of plastic. they found more blastic than plankton especially in the antarctic. >> we thought areas like antarctic were pristine, being isolated, far away from humanity. the fact that we found plastic debris down there in terms of tens of thousands of pieces is very sad because this will hang around for thousands of years. >> reporter: the state of the world's oceans and the tiniest creatures in it may determine
8:08 am
whether the planet can sustain life for the rest of its creatures including us. for cbs "this morning," i'm mark phillips in >> the modern tomato looks better than it tastes. some growers believe it makes no sense at all. we'll take to you a festival where old style tomatoes -- who knew there was an old style tomatoes -- get a lot more respect. we'll explain on cbs "this
8:09 am
morning" after the break. ♪
8:10 am
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for double quarterly extrabucks rewards. don't miss getting double quarterly extrabucks rewards. i love 'em!
8:12 am
do you mind if i ask you a lot of dumb american questions? >> fire away. >> when was the magna carta
8:13 am
signed? >> 1215. >> now, i've been to -- the literal transition is what? magna. >> again you're testing me. >> boy it would be good if you knew this. >> it would be. >> did you see "the king's speech"? >> the film? >> yeah. >> you sound like the guy in the film. >> are you popular >> not very popular at the moment. >> really? this is where you want to be. this is exactly where you want to be. >> david cameron. nice job with david letterman. >> he played well on that show. >> he did. you never know when you go on david letterman. sherlock homes liked to say this, elementary my dear watson but he never had this dr. watson with him until now. this morning, this dr. watson also known as lucy liu taking over that classic role in that
8:14 am
tv drama. he's very chatty. >> lucy liu we'll rescue you in a moment. time now for this morning's health watch. >> reporter: good morning. today in health watch less exercise more weight loss. we've long known exercise is a big part of maintaining a healthy weight. when it comes to losing weight a new study shows exercise helps only when it's too little or too much. reachers divided men into three groups. first group did no exercise. second one did moderate of jogging, cycling and other aerobic activity. the final group did strenuous workouts.
8:15 am
after 13 weeks the no exercise group lost no weight. on the other hand the extreme exercisers lost about five pounds each. the group that fared best was the moderate exercisers losing seven bounds by the end of the study. experts suggest more moderate exercise allows people to burn calories without the feeling to eat more. too much exercise can cause excessive hunger and feeling fatigue afterwards but the rest of the day is sedentary. don't be discouraged by the lightest workout, every little bit helps. i'm dr. holly phillips. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by new improved dove deep moisture wash now with our gentlest cleansers ever. this test paper [ fe] was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] new dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything with the blend of gentle cleansers and nourishing nutrium moisture.
8:16 am
so what do you think now? definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] this is new. this is different. this is care.
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8:18 am
tomatoes are big business, americans buy more than $2 billion every year. to keep them on the shelves all year round growers have changed how they look and taste.
8:19 am
>> now there's a movement to bring back tomatoes. >> you say tomatoes, i say tomatoes. >> here's john blackstone. >> i got a lot of tomatoes ready to be picked. ready to be picked right now. >> reporter: as larry wagner carries the last of the summer's bounty from his northern california garden, he is in a way harvesting history. >> i have the family garden plot that my grandmother originally planted vegetable gardens in every year and when i was a kid i would go out and pick and weed and water. >> reporter: he's gone back to the fields to try to recapture a memory from his childhood. flavor of home grown tomato. >> i love this tomato. always been a huge difference between any home grown tomato and store bought tomato. i buy store bought tomatoes in the winter and they are not really, like them. >> reporter: using seeds developed a century ago he's cultivated his own crop of heir
8:20 am
loom tomatoes. he's hoping they will be a hit with judges at the annual heir loom tomato contest. >> for me this is the best one so far. >> it's that wow factor. >> reporter: they taste tomatoes as carefully as they would a fine wine. in this contest the tomatoes that taste like it came from the supermarket goes nowhere. >> i would say yeah. probably store bought. >> how is my palate. >> not bad. you got a future in it. >> everybody talks about it. and thinks about when they were a kid and how fabulous it was and they are wondering where it is. it's not in the grocery store it's in the garden. ♪ >> reporter: there are 175 varieties in this year's festival, all shapes, sizes and colors. there are different flavors all come down to science. commercial tomatoes have been scientifically bred to be
8:21 am
inexpensive, easy to ship and avail scrabble all year round. nothing wrong with that says this tomato researcher. >> it's an economical crop. part of the reason is the farmer wants maximum yield out of his field. so we have a lot to thank the industry for for developing these. and nobody at that point expected it would have anything to do with the flavor of the fruit when they are ripened. >> reporter: at her lab, powell discovered hybrid commercial tomatoes no longer carry one gene found in heir looms. without it they produce less sugar. in our instant test one off the shelf tomato had just half the sugar. >> 5.5. >> reporter: of the heir loom tomato. sue fwar is only one reason that heirlooms may taste better. >> it smells so good. >> reporter: where and how they are grown counts for a lot. >> tomatoes you get at the
8:22 am
supermarket, they look perfect. this one doesn't look perfect. >> to me it looks perfect. >> reporter: these garden variety tomatoes are anything but average to this chef. >> there's something about going to your backyard, picking that tomato while it's still warm, bringing it in, slicing it up, putting it on a blt. >> reporter: 2,000 amateur tasters at the festival seem to be searching for the very same feeling. >> this is an 80-year-old recipe. >> wow. >> reporter: when the judges chose the top tomato, it belongs to larry wagner. >> probably because they have good sweetness. people like sweet tomatoes. >> reporter: wagner is proud of his win but his real reward is in his harvest. >> see that's a beautiful tomato right there. >> reporter: for cbs "this morning," john blackstone, sonoma county, california.
8:23 am
>> everything you wanted to know about a tomato. i say slice it up, put mayo and
8:24 am
8:25 am
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8:28 am
8:29 am
in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
8:30 am
♪ welcome to cbs "this morning." now that your summer is over are you ready to relax into fall. maybe not if you're planning to go away for the holidays. >> peter greenberg is here with some money saving ideas. good morning, peter.
8:31 am
>> good morning. >> when you're not planning lucy liu's vacation. >> i did the best i could. >> did you talk her ear off? >> no. >> were you giving her travel tips? >> yes. >> she was reading the paper while you were talking. >> have that effect on many women. >> so christmas travel, is it a little early to plan christmas eve travel? >> no this year especially not because you have fewer flights and planes. usually 45 days out. this year 60 to 75 days out and that's where we are right now. so book early. otherwise you may be paying, not maybe you will pay a higher price. >> you're getting better deals? >> yes. the day before thanksgiving don't count on anything. if you book ahead and plan alternate cities and routes you'll be in good shape. >> everybody says i'm technically challenged but everybody says you get the best deals online. true is this >> not even close. that's the biggest myth.
8:32 am
you can do it at 3:00 in your bath robe. i'm a big fan of the conversation. the thing is here's the biggest myth all the available inventory is on the web. not even close. it's only the inventory that's made available on the web by the travel providers. have that conversation with a human being. call the airlines 800 number. talk to the travel agent. ask them the questions you need to ask. you might be surprised what you get. even if you're not happy with it you can still hold it for 24 hours and then go on the web to see if you can beat them. >> if you can get them on the phone. >> you know when you call in11:00 at night. >> best time to call is at 11:00 at night. when is the best time to fly? >> best time to fly, first flight out in the morning. we're talking 5:30, 6:00 a.m. flights. the plane is overnighted. the crew there. the minute starts ticking after 7:00 in the morning bring a book. >> the best way to reserve a hotel room.
8:33 am
>> call the 800 number. you don't do that with a hotel. that will get to you a clearinghouse. you want to call the hotel itself but don't ask for reservations because they will reroute you back to the 800 number. >> ask for the front desk. >> no. don't do that. what you do is ask for the director of sales or manager on duty because those are the only two people at the hotel who know if the johnson wedding cancelled last night and they have 60 extra rooms. it won't show up on the website or clearinghouse and any hotel that says to you you'll never get a better deal than on our internet is not telling the truth. >> when is the best time to use a travel agent. when can they help in terms of cost and efficiency. >> travel agents are coming back in big time. the reason they are coming back they decided to survive and succeed to specialize. travel agent that specializes in cruise travel or adventure
8:34 am
travel. out there there's a travel agent that specializes in one arm fugitive travel. they have supplier relationships. especially this time the year when you want to go to a resort that's oversold. they know where to get trooms. that's where they have value. >> great information as always. gayle we need to plan some holiday travel. >> i'm going back to talk to lucy. >> lucy can't wait. >> peter, thank you. now over to charlie. >> when military units deploy to a war zone they adopt all sorts of nicknames and mascots to identify themselves. one national guard unit in iraq made an unusual choice. as bill whittaker reports it took on a life of its own. >> reporter: it's training day for bravo company at the iowa
8:35 am
national guard. they do more than teach basics it unif is the team, building bonds that can save lives in battle. the aircraft a 90-foot chinook helicopter. two years ago captain ben winborn and the rest of the company got a call to deploy to iraq. their mission to pack up and ship out cargo the final year of that war. >> we moved it at some point. >> reporter: more than 7,000 flight hours they logged in iraq almost all were at night. why do you fly all night long? >> we're visible during the day. if we can fly around at night and use dark nose our advantage. >> reporter: in iraq the company adopt ad new call sign, night long a unit identity was born
8:36 am
and with it something to lighten the mood and inspire the troops. >> we started it as a yoke. somebody printed off a seven sill of lionel ritchey. we knew and enjoyed his song "all night long" and it fit our mission. the rest is history now. ♪ all night long ♪ all night ♪ all night long >> reporter: the song once seen a nostalgic left over from the '80s became their anthem. it popped up every where. >> find humor over there at times is hard. >> you need something like that, i guess? >> everybody got behind it and kind of helped motivate each other. ryan and some other guys printed some t-shirts and some printed stickers off and once we were in iraq we came up with a patch. we couldn't keep enough of them. i had to re-order three times.
8:37 am
>> reporter: what started out as a snicker turned into a phenomenon and then became a badge of honor. >> lionel ritchey's face is all over. >> been there done that all over the place. i'm so excited. >> reporter: he's never quite done this. unknowingly provided a much needed morale boost to soldiers serving half a world away. the son of an army captain ritchey insisted on meeting the men who gave new life to his old song. >> this is incredible. i keep waiting to be punked but it's not happening. how are you? >> pleasure to meet you. >> reporter: they are in the military and they are looking for something for morale for the troops. and they put something together that everyone could identify with. and it was my song. how does that feel? >> being the proud papa of "all night long," it's probably right
8:38 am
up there with my kids. >> actually had a soldier trade his gps system for one of the patches. >> hold it. it's trading now? >> yeah. >> guys, you all need a manager. ♪ all night long >> every time i hear it it takes me back. all the people we deployed with, all my buddy, everything we accomplished over there and all the good times we had over there. >> reporter: this name will live on? >> probably will live on for years and years to come. ♪ all night long >> present it to you.making ritchey an honorary member they said good-bye. forever united by a song and symbol of friendship and loyalty forged on missions all night
8:39 am
long. and lives on in the broad light of day. for cbs "this morning," bill whittaker in los angeles. >> really nice piece. i won't think about that song without thinking about those guys. >> that's definitely my favorite piece of the entire week. what a great piece. highlighting what the soldiers have done and lionel going to meet them. that's fantastic. >> we're not done yet. lucy liu is up next. she's in the green room with peter greenberg. >> peter is not there. >> lucy,
8:40 am
8:41 am
what do you mean? >> i find it hard to believe to tell somebody they've been assigned. >> you and i have what's known
8:42 am
as companion client confidentiality. you can call it whatever you like. but to be honest most clients just call me their companion. >> holmes. how are you doing? >> this is miss watson my personal valet. >> how do you? >> dr. watson never looked so good. lucy liu place sherlock holmes companion in the new barack obama gentleman called "elementary." we remember her from "charlie's angels," "kill bill," "ally mcbeal" and more recently "southland." have you and peter greenberg bonded this morning? every time we looked over there -- what was he talk towing about? >> he told all of us we were losing before 9:00 because he asked how we booked our flights. we use a computer. that's not a smart move. losers do that. losers. we were talking about that.
8:43 am
>> nice to see you peter. >> nice to see you also. >> talk about a show not a loser, people are excited about that and we love that dr. watson is a woman. >> yes. >> it's very exciting to be a part of something like this. i think that cbs has been really behind it and people have been excited about it. we've had a lot of people who have been a little suspicious of watson being a woman. if you have a perspective and been following the literature and all that it's completely understandable. but i do think some people might be i want to. nice to have a modern version of that. >> it debuts tonight. are you someone who goes around people finally get to see it i hope they like. i >> i think i'm definitely very excited. little bit nervous. it's the idea when you go on, when you're doing theater and about to step on stage and everyone is going to -- it's an experience, i think that's what
8:44 am
it's going to be. i'm excited about that because of that and i'm more in the second category which is you can only do what you can do and it's nice, those because we've been working on it since -- we did the pilot in march and started shooting in july. we've been in our own microcosm and now we get share the show -- everyone will have an pun but it will be out there. the question mark will finally be up to other people to decide what they like. >> the way you're starting all the reviews have been really good. i've seen the first episode. such an interesting twist on such an iconic character. i've watched you since "ally mcbeal," "kill bill," charlie"cs angel angels". they say you were shy and quiet. >> i was closed off. i didn't participate a lot. my mother sent me an entire envelope of things.
8:45 am
she saved all these report cards that said she's a sweet child but she needs to participate more. she's very shy. she doesn't talk very much. that was all the report cards. so it was kind of interesting to see that because i had forgotten that but it makes sense. >> johnny lee miller plays sherlock holmes. he's hot. >> he's amazing. johnny is wonderful to work with and i feel like the two of us together, it's just the way we work together professionally is so wonderful because we have the same work ethic. he's tlbl. he's a lovely person. >> in the show there's a professional relationship, but seems a lot of sexual tension. >> i think there's chemistry between us but we're not going to go in that direction. >> you promise? >> yes. will there won't be. >> will they or won't they. >> if stead of labelling it as a romance, relabelled it as a bromance. i think it's okay to make watson
8:46 am
a woman but holmes and watson are together rolling around, it might be pushing the envelope a little too much. >> when you have two attractive people -- >> right. >> -- of the opposite sex it's hard to have a platonic relationship. is that true? >> i have some friend that i have platonic relationships with. it's been an amazing -- i don't know. i never thought about going in that direction. i don't think they have either. some are married, some are not. i don't know it has to go down that road. >> i hope it sticks to that. >> listen, season seven if we need to spice things up, i can't guarantee. >> i like you're thinking season seven. >> currently not going in that direction. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> have to watch tonight. >> lucy liu, called "element year." premieres at 10:00 on cbs. when you hear the song "moon river" i bet you think of andy williams. we'll take a look at his life
8:47 am
and long career. that's coming up next on cbs "this morning" ♪ moon
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ moon river ♪ wider than a mile ♪ i'm crossing >> andy williams was one of the last singers of the golden age of pop music. he became a star on stage and television with his warm personality and powerful voice. he died of cancer on tuesday at his home in branson, missouri. he was 84. he'll be remembered for what we call a natural style. ♪ moon river [ applause ] ♪ wider than a mile andy williams voice was called a national treasure by president ronald reagan, his style was more than just easy
8:50 am
listening, it combined his good looks with rich warm center that made him one of the most popular singers of the '50s and '60s. ♪ born free >> he was born in 1927 in wall lake, iowa. his father wanted something big for his four sons. he moved the family to the big city of des moines and taught them to sing. the williams brothers went from there to los angeles, their first big break was backing up bing crosby on "swinging on a scar." ♪ would you like to swing on a scar ♪ the brothers broke up their act but andy went on to become a regular on the "tonight show" with steve allan. that led to his own show from 1962 to 1971. >> the show was very popular. when you have a really popular tv show remember wants to get on
8:51 am
it. >> everybody including ray charles. ♪ tell your mama >> tony bennett. the beach boys. elton john. ♪ >> what is your name >> donny. >> and an act that reminded him of his own, the osmond brothers. [ applause ] >> he had a famous marriage to a french born dancer he met in las vegas, claudine longet. even after they divorced williams stood by longet when she was on trial for killing her new boyfriend. the hit record faded in the '70s but there was a second act for andy williams. he opened a theater in the country music mecca of branson, missouri. ♪ most wonderful time the year ♪ >> he performed almost up to the end. >> i want to get out there and not have people say he's not like he used to be.
8:52 am
♪ moon river [ applause ] remember those songs? >> i actually do remember them. every time you hear it it gives you goose bumps. nuclear program it takes on a different meaning knowing he's no longer with us. >> gorgeous voice. absolutely gorgeous. >> did you ever interview him? >> i did, several times. both in terms when he was younger. he also ahad famous golf tournament that he hosted. and later when he came he was older and talked about looking back as much. interesting he stood by his wife when she was on trial. but it was a kind of as ronald reagan said national treasure. >> national treasure. nice way to be remembered. >> when you think back over these people you remember all these songs that, you know,
8:53 am
somehow are not in your memory but when they happen they come back. that does it for us. up next your
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
the death of legendary singer andy williams. ♪ man river >> his final days. then, lady gaga. defiant. >> good for gaga. >> after this shocking photo, her fans slip down in solidarity. and ann romney, her edgy late-night look, and what she's saying about this hilarious spoof. >> that's mitt. plus, the ref who made the worst call ever. >> a most bizarre finish you'll ever see. >> where he was found last night, posing with a fan in a bar. then, sarah palin's dad and
9:01 am
her brother speak out about julianne moore's big win at the emmys. >> she won an emmy g. for her. >> and honey boo boo's hometown what. do they really think of tv's littlest star? >> this is the house where honey boo boo lives. >> does her redneck lifestyle embarrass the neighbors? >> do your parents like honey boo boo? >> now "inside edition" in high definition with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. he was called a national treasurer by a president. he was a fixture on television for a generation and became synonymous with the so "moon river." now andy williams has died. the legendary singer passed away after a long belaid we are bladder cancer. ♪ moon river >> andy williams will be remembered as the last of the great crooners. no one will ever forget his
9:02 am
rendition of the theme song for "breakfast at tiffany's." but what you may not know is that williams who died yesterday of bladder cancer at age 84, was instrumental in bringing new talent to life. look at a little marie osmond sitting on andy's lap during a 1964 broadcast of his popular variety show. >> he gave us our break. >> alan osmond will never forget what andy williams meant to him and the rest of the osmonds. >> we were close. we talked about life, we talked about family. he would teach us how to be profession ole and do it right. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ >> williams, whose annual ristmas specials drew huge tv ratings dade at his home in branson, missouri. ♪ two drifters off to see the world. ♪ >> the public knew him for his
9:03 am
music. close friends remember his loyalty. he stood by his ex-wife, claudine, when she was charged with accidentally shooting her boyfriend in 1976. and after his good friend, bobby kennedy, was slain 1968, williams escorted his widow ethel to numerous events in the ensuing years. ♪ born free >> williams add knack for turning movie theme songs into huge hits, from "born free" -- ♪ as free as the grass grows ♪ >> to the days of wayne and roses. ♪ the days of wine and roses ♪ >> to "love story." ♪ where do i begin to tell the story of how great a love can be ♪ >> andy williams leaves his second wife debby, three children, and more musical memories than anyone cab count.
9:04 am
♪ moon river and me >> deborah: he will be missed. lady gaga is on a new mission, and's got nothing to do with her music. after unflattering comments and lots of comments about her weight. >> lady gaga is showing off her new heavier body with the bold message this is who i am, and i am proud at any size. her defiance comes after the publication of this now famous photo of gaga's 25-pound weight gain at a concert in amsterdam. many people thought it had been photo shopped, but it's the real thing. now the pop diva is posting photos of her fuller body wearing yellow lingerie. it's quite a change from her once trim bikini body that she
9:05 am
put on display in her videos. the superstar wrote this caption. "bulimia and anorexia since i was 15." and she says despite her recent weight gain she feels comfortable in her own skin. "my weight loss/gain since i was a child has torment me. no amount of help has ever healed my pain but you have. when i eat and i'm healthy and not so worried i'm happier than i've ever been. >> good for lady gaga. we don't often say that, but good for ga gas. >> gaga is encouraging fans to post photos of their perceived flaws. she's calling it a body revolution. it's hundreds vtle monsters showing off their bodies, and all shapes and sizes are represented. this young fan proudly shows off her prosthetic lesmght and this one pinches her belly. the new issue of "people" magazine shows how lady gaga hid her weight with her over
9:06 am
the top costumes in recent weeks. but now she seems ready to show the world her new shape with pride. >> deborah: and none of this sun common. a glamour magazine survey found that 97% of women have at least one negative body image thought every day. ann romney had people doing a double take on jay leno last night. the mother of five looked a lot more like a biker chick than a mom and grandmother of 16. it's rock 'n' roll romney. ann romney wears a sexy leather outfit for her appearance on the tonight show. jay leno got ann's reaction to that hilarious spoof video of mitt doing the gangnam dance. >> that's mitt. >> and also bobby about that recent much publicized moanlt when she got testy about criticism of her husband. >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it? get in the ring. >> i stepped out of the
9:07 am
interview and said, oh dear, was i a little strong? >> a lot of people are scratching their heads over a bizarre endorsement of president obama by madonna. a vote of confidence that may have done more harm than good. >> y'all better [ bleep ] obama, okay. >> then madonna came up with this baffling take on the obama presidency. >> for better or for worse, all right, we have a black muslim in the white house. >> obama has long had to fight off the wall claims that's secret muslim. play donna said later, i was beg ironic. yes, i know obama is not a muslim. >> i can't tell you're being ironic. that's why she got the back larchlt you didn't make any motion to say is i'm being ironic or sarcastic or a wink or anything. >> deborah: madonna has made no secret of who she supports. she had a fake tattoo of the president's name scrawled across her back. it took a national brouhaha
9:08 am
but it looks like that disputed call during monday night football has pushed the nfl and those locked-out referees to address their dispute. though it doesn't appear to have hampered the social life of the guy who made the disputed call. whod they give it to? touchdown! >> what does the most reviled ref in america do after making that jaw-dropping touchdown call? >> the most bizarre finish you'll ever see. >> here he is posing with an unidentified blond wearing, that's right, a green bay packers jersey. the team that lost the game because of his blown call. >> touchdown. >> the just tweeted photo of lance easley was taken in a bar tuesday night in fresno, california. easley is the ref signaling touchdown after a hail mary pass that won the game for the seattle seahawks while the rest of the world thought it was an interception by the packers. >> i have never seen an official taking a picture with a fan or with a jersey of a certain nfl team.
9:09 am
it's out of control. >> this is what we know about lance easley. he's 52, lives in santa maria, california, and is a banker. turns out he underwent just three days of training at a school for college football officials. the school is now distancing itself from the ref saying it was unaware of mr. easley's intentions to become an nfl replacement official. >> he has no training. he was basically thrown right into the fire. >> here at nfl headquarters in new york, the league is reportedly close to a new labor agreement that would put the regular referees back on the field as early as this weekend. three weeks into the new season, inexperienced replacement refs have been giving the nfl a black eye. take a look at "oh say can't you see?" on today's new york post front page. and baltimore ravens fans chanted a curse on the live broadcast of sunday night football.
9:10 am
>> [ bleep ]. >> that's the loudest manure chant i've ever heard. >> coach bill belichick even grabbed one of the refs after the game. >> oh boy. that's a few bucks. >> some of the replacement refs were even fired by the lingerie football league because they didn't measure up. we spoke by skype with lingerie league commissioner mitch mortanza. >> to have those same officials that weren't good enough for our game officiating in the nfl ranks was a bit shock. >> and of course the late-night comics are jumping in. david letterman's announcer even dressed up as a replacement ref. >> i had a [ bleep ] night last night. >> 200 degrees below today we're look at. >> check out this moment on a green bay tv station, wgba. they had a replacement weatherman delivering the weather. >> get outta here. what is going on? >> deborah: and keeping with thatle bit of humor the footlocker is using this scandal for extra publicity.
9:11 am
the retail chain where the employees wear referee uniforms has issued a statement, "despite recent allegations our employees have spent the last few weeks at our storks not at nfl games." next, sarah palin's dad and her brother speak out about julianne moore's big win at the emmys. >> she won an emmy. good for her. and honey boo boo's home town. what do they really think of tv's littlest star? >> this is the house where honey boo boo lives. >> does her redneck lifestyle embarrass the neighbors? >> do your parents like honey boo boo? >> no. >> then, why victoria's secret pulled this controversial geisha ad. plus, rocky the flying squirrel. >> whoa! "inside edition" in high-
9:12 am
kids bullied because of their looks. next "inside edition." she was picked on for her big ears. she was mocked for the mole on her face. >> people tease me.
9:13 am
>> now how they stop the bullying. >> you ready to go? >> the confidence building surgery that will make the girls feel good again. then, the mom arrested for letting her kids play outside? watch thnext "inside edition." >> deborah: pam anderson is gone from "dancing with the stars." with her departure comes a lot of stories of diva behavior back stage. >> pamela and tristan. >> pam anderson was the first to get the boot from the all- star version of "dancing with the stars." although she seemed pretty upset at leaving the show so soon, people are asking if she was a diva behind the scenes. pam skipped the back-stage interviews and didn't appear on "good morning america" as all the kicked off contestants usually do. she also reportedly demanded her trailer be stocked with coconut water imported from australia. "i miss her." that's what tom cruise is telling friends after not seeing his daughter since
9:14 am
august 5th. "people" magazine has the new cover story. >> tom talks on phone with surry three times a day at least. he's always talking to her. according to friends whenever he's in a business meeting he will stop everything he's doing and get on the phone with his daughter because it's really important to him to maintain as much contact as possible. >> tom wasn't able to be with surry for her first day in school because he's in london filming a movie. >> deborah: wednesday night marks the season finale of hon knew boo boo. she's the hottest thing on reality tv and that is about the worst thing for people in her small town in georgia. they want you to know the locals are nothing like hon knew boo boo and their family. >> welcome to the tiny town of mcintyre, georgia. >> this is the house where honey boo boo lives. it seems everyone has an opinion about the pint-sized reality star. >> the town has a population of just 650. and 40% of the families have an
9:15 am
income that puts them below poverty level. but the neighbors aren't exactly happy with the way their quiet part of central georgia is being portrayed. >> do your parents like honey boo boo this. >> no. >> we caught up with these kids at a roller rink where honey boo boo shoots scenes for her show. but look what we found just 15 minutes away from honey boo boo's house. the quaint little town of milledgeville with elegant boutiques, fine dining, and stunning civil war era mansions worth millions. nothing like the rural mud pits on the show. >> this is a beautiful home. >> yes, absolutely. this is actually the home of the writer, flannery o'connor. >> the man showing me around is an assistant vice president at nearby georgia college. the campus is filled with lovely young students who say they aren't rednecks. >> there's college kids coming to school here. they're a little more cultured, i guess is the word. >> just look at the well to do
9:16 am
suburbs with beautiful home after beautiful home. . >> this house would sell for around $520,000. >> this realtor is one mom who says honey boo boo's show is giving america the wrong impression of her town. >> hill billy redneck image, even those of us in the country don't act like that. >> but honey boo boo does have her supporters. >> we love honey boo boo here. i don't care what nobody says. >> check out wednesday's season finale. honey boo boo and her family do a photo shoot in 100-degree heat. >> it's hot. man, i'm taking a bath in my own sweat. >> honey boo boo looks miserable and smudges her eye makeup. >> don't rub your eyes. >> gotta love that honey boo boo. >> deborah: and fair warning. tlc thinks america just can't get enough honey boo boo, sought has ordered honey boo
9:17 am
boo holiday specials for thanksgiving, christmas of course and halloween. now the sarah palin story from her side of the family. four years after the palins were thrust into the national spotlight, the former alaska governor's father and brother are out with what they say is her real story. >> sarah palin's father and brother say they want to set the record straight. >> they just pounce and don't stop. >> chuck heath senior and junior say actress julianne moore's wing an emmy sunday night for playing sarah in the hbo movie "game change" is just the latest heap of abuse being piled on sarah. >> i feel so validated because sarah palin gave me a big thumbs down. >> les trent talked to the heaths. >> what was your reaction to what julianne moore said? >> she won an emmy g. for her. when i watched the movie with some friends, we sat and we laughed at the accent.
9:18 am
it was this exaggerated accent. >> they also said the movie's depiction of the vp candidate suffering a meltdown was the polar opposite of what they witnessed. >> it was sarah was the one in the room holding everyone together. >> get this. they say everyone in the family thought tina fey's impression was hilarious. >> and now i'd like to entertain everybody with some fancy pageant walking. that but funny only up to a point. >> that was really funny at first, until we realized that people were taking this character and confusing it with who sarah really was. >> heath senior and junior have written a new book. "our sarah," which they say depictions the real sara. it includes intimate family photos. as a high school sophomore after winning first place in cross country.
9:19 am
and graduating college in 1987, wearing pink shorts under her cap and gown. >> she's had an incredibly strong sense of right and wrong. and if she believes something, she's going to stand up, and she's going say something about it. >> reporter: and what do they know about sarah palin's future plans? >> we don't know. she's very unpredictable. what she -- she's been that way since the second grade. >> deborah: palin has helped publicize the book through her facebook page. we'll be back with more "inside edition" after this. still to come, why victoria's secret pulled this controversial geisha ad. plus, rocky the flying squirrel. for today's group upon deal of the day,
9:20 am
9:21 am
>> deborah: it's the victoria's
9:22 am
secret outfit the retailer wishes it hadn't offered for sale. a sexy geisha get-up that's gotten so many people upset it's now been pulled from the catalogs. >> victoria's secret just pulled this sexy little geisha outfit from its website after complaints came pouring in calling it objectionable. victoria's secret was selling the geisha-inspired lingerie on- line for $98 with this sales pitch. your ticket to an exotic adventure. it showed a model wearing what's described as a sexy mesh teddy with flirty cut-outs and eastern-inspired florals. she even has a fan and chopsticks in her hair. victoria's secret pulled the outfit after complaints. one website condemned victoria's secret saying it's the kind of overt racism masked behind claims
9:23 am
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>> deborah: a squirrel's quick getaway, and it's all caught on tape next. closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by:
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>> deborah: finally, the squirrel who couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen so he found a way to escape.
9:28 am
>> this is one crazy squirrel. he's trapped in a kitchen with no way out. then comes is the great escape. watch him leap out of a three- story window. >> whoa! >> fear not. rocky the flying squirrel made it out okay. >> deborah: which reminds me of the scariest thing that ever happened to me when i was six years old. a squirrel ran up my pants, and it was hard to get it out of there. i'm still terrified of the critters. that is "inside edition" for today. thank
9:29 am
9:30 am
inside the new media frenzy over the nfl's referee scandal. >> how all the front-page attention could impact tv's biggest cash cow. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. the controversial call by replacement referees. >> skewered by the press. the president. paul ryan. >> it is time to get the real refs. and late night. >> i dvr', deshgs the game and watched it later, like the refs. then -- >> the so-called soccer mom madam. why new york's madam may not spend another day in jail. the man who could help her on whether or not she could be deported.
9:31 am
>> she's worried about being deported. inside the jersey housewives new explosive reunion. and -- >> backstage with rihanna on the vegas strip telling us -- >> vegas secrets. >> "csi's" terrifying season premiere with ted danson. >> what has been the most surprising thing that you found? >> that i survived. >> we're on set for all of the action. and honey boo boo's season finale tonight. >> grass fight! >> inside her growing empire. >> salary like. >> they're asking for $10,000 an episode. >> and new viral videos. now, from hollywood, "the insider" is on. >> oh, my favorite. honey boo boo. you know, she does deserve a raise. we'll find out if she gets one. welcome to "the insider." i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. thank you so much for spending some time with us. well, it's the one thing that obama and romney agree on, the nfl touchdown call still
9:32 am
being heard around the world. from mrng shows to late night, to right here, you can't get away from story. tonight, we're asking, will the intense media hype end the lockout? it's tonight's inside story. >> now to the latest on that hugely controversial call. >> ruling on the field stands. touchdown! >> the nfl replacement referees are under fire. >> the oh, say, can't you see? for the refs. with the seeing-eye dogs. >> referee rage dominating the media today. >> it was atrocious. >> cable, social media and late night, taking aim after monday's mess of a call. >> allen, you're late. >> yeah, i don't want to hear it. i had a [ bleep ] night last night. >> did you see the interview with the quarterback russell wilson? after the game, it's not the interview. it's what's going on behind him. take a look. watch this. >> never give up. >> look at that. they're partying. the refs are partying with the seahawks. >> even the presidential
9:33 am
candidates are protesting the replacement referees. >> i have to think these refs work part time in the obama's budget office. >> i want to see some experienced nfl referees. >> president obama tweeted, nfl fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs' lockout is settled soon. and the story got major played on the network news. >> the call was made by replacement referees. >> the fiasco was the third news stories on cbs news with scott pelley. the second on abc and nbc. >> replacements have been called from some pretty amateur venues. who were those stand-in refs? lance easley is 52 years old, a southern californian banker. and appears to have no previous pro referee experience. the back judge who initially signaled the interception is derrick rhone-dunn, he's from oklahoma, refereed the sugar
9:34 am
bowl in 2007 and mostly arena games since then. all of the drama leads to our inside view -- could the intense media hype end the referee lockout? >> a lot of people are saying that this bad call was the tipping point. >> he's a "new york times" sports columnist who has written extensively about replacement referees. >> i think that the lockout was going to end eventually. but i don't think the nfl are going to be bullied, pushed into it. >> back to the official who made the wrong call, lance easley, the man who trained him, that in no way was he prepared to officiate nfl games. imagine being him? in the middle of the biggest story of the world. he see it happen to stars. and they have a tough time. a banker -- >> handling this. he was trying to take advantage of the opportunity. nichb would have done the same. >> he's sorry now. right now, here's "star watch."
9:35 am
jersey reunion brawl. atlantic city. >> i never said that you're a stripper. >> you're lying. >> the gloves are off when they meet up for an explosive postseason reunion this sunday. >> you're a liar. you're sick. >> knee what parker of how this bravo franchise may expand one again. >> reports have surfaced that theresa and her family are negotiating a spin-off on the bravo network. she has a huge following on twitter and facebook. she has three books on the "new york times" best-seller list. and the finale of "the real housewives of new jersey" got a whopping 3.4 million viewers. rihanna's hot diamonds. las vegas. ♪ >> diamonds. >> elvis duran and the morning show, the first to release rihanna's brand-new single. >> to celebrate, rihanna instagrammed a single of that song hitting number one. >> the pop star also performed
9:36 am
at the iheartradio music festival on friday. ♪ kelsey's regrets. new york. >> there are several things that i regret. >> kelsey grammer on anderson live today, very candid about his split with his ex-wife camille. >> i should have come home from england when i first met kayte. and say i met somebody and this hasn't been working for a long time and i regret not doing that. julie's life-saving psa new york. behind the scenes of a new psa with emmy winner julie bowen as she raises awareness of about the life hft threatening dangers of food allergies. >> learn more at >> bowen telling "good morning america" today how her son oliver almost died from shock after exposure from a bee sting. >> we knew right away that
9:37 am
there was something wrong. ivanka's decor. new york. inside pictures of her ten-room apartment, all clean lines and cool palette. and a certain amount of baby-proofing. >> i have a 14-month-old daughter at home. i'm in constant fear of corners, doors and protruding objects. >> of course, everything that ivanka does is with class and style. one of plum neighborhoods in new york's central park. we move now, from classy and stylish, to a woman who was accused of being new york's soccer mom madam. anna gristina and the new update in her case. >> just a little bit more space for my family. >> smiling, family by her side, the millionaire madam leaves court yesterday. >> it's over.
9:38 am
for my family. >> anna gristina pleading guilty to one count of promoting prostitution. a surprising twist after months of maintaining her innocence. >> there was no business run? >> no. >> the first jailhouse interview with matt lauer and then face to face with dr. phil. >> i couldn't even pay my bills. >> pleading guilty to the one and only charge was what she had to do to get this case over with. the 45-year-old mother of four was accused of running a high-end brothel in manhattan. according to the plea deal, she'll get five years' probation. and six months behind bars with time served after four months on rei rikers island. >> the family is like ecstatic. i mean, they got their mother back. >> prosecutors hope to bring down anna and her rich and powerful clients. how did this case fall apart? >> this case involved $100 of wiretapping. millions of dollars of police resources.
9:39 am
and the prosecution walked away with one count of promoting prostitution. definitely not a win for the prosecution. >> criminal defense attorney alison triessl said that the case came down to one piece of crucial evidence, her alleged client list. otherwise known as the little black book. >> it seemed that the big win for the prosecution was this black book that was talked about, possibly involving names of politicians and financiers. every high-powered new york people. but, at the end of the day, they never got their hands on that black book. >> but she's not out of the woods yet. she warned gristina she could face deportation. >> she's worried about being deported. let's face it, she has a green card, she's been here 27 years. she'll take whatever legal steps needed to avoid that. >> the judge in this case said yesterday that gristina will be sentenced november 20th. very interesting how this case has developed over time. >> absolutely. fascinating.
9:40 am
straight ahead -- behind the scenes of jessica biel's new romantic comedy, in a wedding dress before she says i do to justin timberlake. then, i'm on the "csi" set with ted danson. plus, inside honey boo boo's season finale. i know, it's almost over. tonight, we're with her and her growing empire of new merchandise and the latest viral mash-up. closed captioning provided by --
9:41 am
"the insider" has more in-depth reporting to get to, plus, tell us what you think about today's top stories on "the insider's" facebook page.
9:42 am
jessica biel cheering for her man, justin timberlake, he and bill murray, just two of the celebrities that participated in the pro-am in chicago for the ryder cup.
9:43 am
but tonight, we're behind the scenes of biel's new movie, playing gerard butler's ex. it's your first look at "playing for keeps." >> i'm playing a guy from scotland who was at the peak of his career. and suddenly he's in a small town in america. and trying to put her life back together. >> come on, mom. >> it's your first look at gerard butler and jessica biel starring in the romantic comedy, "playing for keeps," in theaters december 7th. >> who's the new coach? >> stacey's ex. >> when he's forced to coach his son's soccer team, there's hope for a family reconciliation. >> hi, i'm denise. >> but will catherine zeta-jones is there have we met wfr? >> not that i remember. >> but will catherine zeta-jones distract him from his ultimate goal? >> espn is looking to expand their soccer coverage. >> dad, please don't leave.
9:44 am
♪ >> this movie is filled with so much emotion. >> so, dad, is mom getting married? >> yeah. >> i screwed it all up. it's a great, funny, powerful movie that makes you reflect on life. >> it looks like a sweet film. it has a great cast, it also stars dennis quaid, uma thurman. straight ahead -- who's the star getting close to ryan gosling. and i'm on the set of "csi." with ted danson. plus, inside reports that honey boo boo could be celebrating tonight's season finale, but, with a five-figure pay raise. [ female announcer ] you know the difference between paying more
9:45 am
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♪ who are you
9:48 am
who who who who ♪ yes. >> it's a little scary. you hear the music you don't think of the who. you think of -- >> "csi" and the who. >> no, you think of "csi" and tonight, an all-new "csi." they're back. >> that's right. season 13 kicks off. i'm with the cast. on the set for the big season premiere. >> we're going to get you out of here. >> you're going to be okay. >> more fiery action as the team rushes in for a rescue. heart-pounding drama. its signature style. quite a change for the emmy winner who starred in "cheers." for 11 years. and the cbs hit "becker" for six. going from funny to a second season of forensics. >> what has been the most surprising thing that you have found about working on "csi"? >> that i survived. look, i'm used to half-hour sitcom where it's three weeks on, one week off, do you need anything, mr. danson? do you need more time off?
9:49 am
this was like, whoa. >> tonight's episode follows the cliffhanger, where his daughter was abducted. are we going to see more take-action, tougher, d.b. going forward? >> no. >> you don't do macho well. >> oh, i just like saying that. i'm really good at macho. >> i thought so. >> i'm humble macho. >> it's an app that identifies songs. come on, you're so old school. where have you been sf. >> this, coming from a guy who just learned how to text a year ago. >> ted plays tech-savvy on "csi." otherwise, he's hands off. what about social media, do you partake? >> no. >> why? >> because my entire life is one faux pas. if i actually tweeted something out to the world, you know, it will be over. >> but original cast member
9:50 am
jorja fox uses social media, and told me that her work ethic is a little lax. >> i have a facebook page now. it's kind of cool to communicate with the four people that care what i'm doing. that's not enough. >> elisabeth shue pumped about her sophomore season. the mother of three embracing her role as detective finley. >> i love being a mom, it's great to be single, you know, seeing who i can flirt with. >> promise props to elisabeth and ted from the director. >> they really committed themselves to this and i think it shows. >> after storming off at the end of last season, will he be back? >> i don't think my character is the kind of guy that will leave the team in peril. are you crazy? >> now, george also tells me that the cast is finally able to
9:51 am
gel after so many changes over the seasons. he said that they don't go fishing or to the grand canyon on vacation together. but that they are a real team. >> i can't wait to get another crack at elisabeth shue on the tennis court. she's talking some smack. >> i'm just sayin'. as one show premiers another one is saying farewell for now. tonight is the finale of the reality phenomenon "here comes honey boo boo." but don't worry, because alana thompson, her fame is exploding and so is her paycheck. >> that was emmy-worthy. >> honey boo boo. >> two of pop cultures biggest phenomenons colliding on youtube. the song a mash-up of the viral video gangnam style by psy.
9:52 am
2.4 million likes on facebook. the honey boo boo version already on fire. and we'll see a lot more of alana thompson and her family, today, tlc ordering more episodes of the hit series, plus three holla-day specials. >> you knew i wasn't. i just put it in my mouth. >> you know, there's a new episode of here comes honey boo boo is on tlc. >> the 7-year-old reality show officially a part of pop culture after making it into the late-night monologues and a sketch on "saturday night live." >> honey boo boo is such a fun show. the series ran this summer. during, you know, what was a very slow tv season. and it really caught fire.
9:53 am
"here comes honey boo boo" has been a reality boon for tlc. they even beat out the republican national convention for ratings one night. >> the wonderwall covers pop culture and has been following the honey boo boo craze. which now has become an empire. >> honey boo boo child has become a franchise that has a lot of merchandise around it. >> there's a honey boo boo name generator. >> jackpot. >> that got a ring to it. >> i love it. >> and there's an even ring tone. >> you better pick up your phone up, because honey boo boo is calling. you hear me? >> so, does all of the boo boo buzz equal a bigger payday? >> the thompson family is asking for a raise. they get reportedly 2,000 to 4,000 per episode. but since they known they have become a big hit, they're reportedly asking for $10,000 an episode.
9:54 am
it's probably likely that tlc will at least give them an increase from what they're making now. >> by the way, they need to call me, because i can negotiate you a lot more than just 10 grand. >> can i be their agent? >> oh, my goodness. and by the way, "glee" co-creator ryan murphy is playing an homage to little honey boo boo in the halloween edition of "the new normal." >> i'm sure. all right, straight ahead -- what is ryan gosling doing getting close to the "girl with the dragon tattoo"?
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
"the insider" is getting social, and we want to interact with you, as we interact with the stars. >> thanks you guys. >> good. that was good the way you did that. >> i am on "the insider." >> "the insider" on facebook. @the insider on twitter and is bringing your voice to hollywood. join us and become an "insider." movies, television and music. the latest news at your fingertips. the social media 360 is here. so let's get the conversation started. travel consideration provided by --
9:58 am
all right, before we go, i want you to check this out, it's ryan gosling, kicking it with rooney mara, you know her as the "girl with the dragon tattoo." but, holding his arm up, getting close on the set of their new dramatic movie being shot in austin, texas. >> the movie is untitled right now. it stars christian bale and newlywed natalie portman. >> it's just acting. >> check out more on our facebook page. take care, everybody. good night.
9:59 am
10:00 am
(yelling) wayne: you won a car! (screaming) curtain two. jonathan: it's a trip to belize! (yelling) wayne: scooter. (yelling) jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal!" now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm your host wayne brady. that's tiffany coyne. my right-hand man, jonathan mangum, and on the music, cat gray. cat, play me some deal music. who wants to make a deal? let's go! (screaming) let's see. come here, chad. (cheering)
10:01 am
how are you doing, chad? come here. -yes! wayne: welcome to the show. -why, hello! wayne: hello, chad. so what are you dressed as, chad? -i'm an '80s workout guy. i love richard simmons, but as you can see i might have dropped out of his program. wayne: yeah, right, you don't need him. you know why you don't need him? because you need 1,500 bucks. that's what you need, here, that's yours. -oh, man. wayne: that's it, and you didn't have to work out to get it. brand new plan. walk down some stairs, you get some cash. that's called the incentivization of working out. -oh, man. wayne: fitness can help you get this. curtain two. jonathan: it's a kia soul! hit the road in this kia soul, featuring a six-speed manual transmission, power-assisted rack and pinion steering, and a chrome-accent grille. this deal is worth $15,250.
10:02 am
wayne: that kia soul could be yours and, you know, tiffany used to work out with richard simmons. (workout music plays) (clapping) wait a minute, stop the music. chad, don't ever do this in public again, ever. give me my damn money back! (laughing) okay, chad, i'm going to tell you how you can win the car. now, on one side of the stage, there is a box. you see inside that box? that's the key to that car. on the other side of the stage, there are 15 keys. only one of those keys will open the lock. you have 15 seconds to try as many of those keys as possible. if you can unlock the box before the clock reaches zero, boom, you win that car. 15 seconds, kind of hard, right? -yeah. wayne: so here's where the making a deal part comes in. you have $1,500.
10:03 am
i will give you a second to add onto the clock for every hundred dollars that you give back to me. if you give me $1,500 back, you'll have a total of 30 seconds. you don't have to give all those to me. you can give me what you want. maybe you don't want to give me any. maybe you want to take the 15 seconds and keep your money. i don't know, the choice is all yours. do you want to buy more time or not? -i do. wayne: how much time would you like to buy? (shouting) -i'm going to go all in. go big or go home. wayne: he's going all in. -i could go home with nothing, but i came with nothing, so go big or go home. wayne: go big or go home, which is another one of our games. so we've added 15 seconds to the clock, so now you have 30 seconds. are you ready? -i'm ready. wayne: so we're going to go down to the car, but i'm inspired by you, so, cat, if you could give us some workout music. follow me. (music plays) okay.
10:04 am
chad, here are the rules. the rule is you can grab only one key at a time, only one key at a time. ready? grab your first key. tiffany: number 13. wayne: lucky 13. 30 seconds on the clock. ready? want to get in your running stance? ready, set, go! (cheering) wayne: first key he's tried. okay, second key. you gotta move faster than that, chad. gotta go, you got 23 seconds. two keys now, that's it, chad, 20 seconds. let's go, chad, you can do this. 17... okay, keep going. 12 seconds, chad. i think you got time for two more keys. oh, no, one more key. one more key, chad. one more key. this is the one. (buzzer) (cheers and applause) -yes, i actually won a car! i can't believe this!
10:05 am
thanks so much. wayne: go get in your car, man. (cheers and applause) five keys in. five keys in, simply amazing. give chad a big round of applause. that's the right way to get the show started. "let's make a deal," giving away cars. we'll see you right after this. man! (cheers and applause)
10:06 am
-oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? okay. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds.
10:07 am
wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." big round of applause for chad.
10:08 am
(cheers and applause) three people, let's go! make a deal. you, right there, sweetheart, come with me. you right there. and the sailor, come here. hey, sweetheart, how are you doing? stand over here for me. stand right there. you stand right there, you stand next to her. you are rebecca? -nice to meet you. wayne: and you are? -sheila. -mike. wayne: a pleasure to meet the three of you, welcome. now, mike, is this a costume or are you actually active duty? -i'm actually active duty. wayne: thank you so much. let's hear it for michael. (cheers and applause) thank you for serving, sir. what do you do, miss sheila? -i'm a fourth grade teacher. wayne: i love teachers. -i'm a teacher too, and a drama teacher. wayne: i love drama teachers, i love drama teachers. and rebecca, what about you? -i'm a high school teacher. i'm just starting in two weeks. wayne: just starting in two weeks? thank you. so we have some knowledge, we have some courage.
10:09 am
i love this. now we're going to let you make deals. you will all be making deals, but not for yourselves. in fact, you will learn, like you teach your kids, we're going to learn teamwork right now. each person's deal will be made by the other two people. so rebecca, stand over here for me, this is your deal. sheila, michael, tell me, should rebecca take what's in my pocket? should she take $800? or the small box? rebecca, that's jonathan, jonathan, rebecca. (audience shouting) -we'll go for the box. -the box. wayne: okay. touch this cash. now give it back. what's in the box? jonathan: it's designer accessories! enjoy a night on the town with this modern two-tone leather clutch and these eye-catching gem- covered sandals from jimmy choo. plus this new 14-megapixel digital camera offers a high-resolution lcd display.
10:10 am
this deal is worth $2,845. wayne: awesome. eye-catching gem-covered shoes. jonathan: those are nice shoes. wayne: so rebecca, you've got that. stand back over there for me, good job now. now, sheila, stand over here for me. now, rebecca, you guys move in. so now the two of you are going to decide. 800 bucks, or curtain number one for sheila. now, you know that the curtain could be a zonk, you could be zonking her right now, or you could be giving her a car or you could be giving her a trip. or you could be giving her a donkey taking a trip. -what do you think? -cash. -cash. wayne: cash. that is yours, miss sheila. -thank you. wayne: open the curtain. jonathan: you could have won a new grill! -my husband is going to kill me! jonathan: this premium backyard stainless-steel grill features four large burners, plus we are including a chrome barbecue tool set and a $500 gift card to omaha steaks.
10:11 am
this deal was worth $2,164. wayne: okay. so your husband is going to be mad? -uh-huh. wayne: $500 of omaha steaks? -i know. wayne: but on the flip side, you're a teacher and that's cash, hallelujah! -yes! so you stand back over there in the middle. michael, over here for me, sir. okay. ladies, the two of you will be deciding for michael here. does michael get $800 cash? or does he get what's in that big box right on stage? -cash. -the box, the box. -okay, the box. wayne: the box cash, pocket. box, open. jonathan: it's a new home theater. (cheers and applause) this comprehensive entertainment collection from includes this 55-inch 3-d led tv, a sound cart a blu-ray player and viewing glasses,
10:12 am
plus we're throwing in an apple tv, the harry potter and star wars blu-ray sets and much, much more, making this deal worth $3,111. wayne: congratulations. stand over here for me. all right. now it's everyone for themselves. uh-huh. you know i couldn't just let you leave with those gifts. now, rebecca's got the shoes and the camera, sheila, you've got $800 cash. michael, you've got the 3-d tv, the comprehensive entertainment package. that's all yours. so here's what we're going to do. sheila, would you like to keep what you have, or take curtain number three? you all can take curtain three, so think about it. but i'm asking her first. would you like to keep what you have, the cash, or go for curtain number three? it could be good, it could be a zonk. (audience shouting) -i'll keep the cash. wayne: you're going to keep the cash. rebecca?
10:13 am
-oh, my goodness. keep it, keep it. wayne: so you're going to keep the shoes and the digital camera. michael, now this is tough for you, because that tv? -i'm going to keep the tv. wayne: you're going to keep the tv. they've all passed on this. jonathan: you could have won chicken a la king! (cheers and applause) (donkey braying) wayne: let's hear it for our three contestants. more "let's make a deal" right after this.
10:14 am
wayne: let's hear it for our three contestants. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for yo stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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♪ [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face. face it with puffs facial tissues. unlike the leading regular tissue, puffs has soft, air-fluffed pillows for 40% more cushiony thickness. so you can always put your best face forward. face every day with puffs softness.
10:16 am
wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." today's big deal is worth $25,305. out of everyone that's won so far, chad is at the top with his brand new car, $15,250 worth of awesomeness. so if he stays on top, that means he has first crack at the big deal, $25,305 worth of big deal, but the show is not over yet. in fact, i'm going to make a deal right now. (cheers and applause) you know what? i'm going to go with this guy. come with me. hey, man. -yeah! wayne: you are jay? -yeah. wayne: why did you look down when i said "you are jay"?
10:17 am
he said, "wow, it's me!" -just checking. wayne: just checking to make sure. what are you dressed as? -i am dressed as an escaped prisoner here to steal a deal! wayne: i like that, i like that. i want you to meet jonathan. he is the warden of prizes. we have a little game, where you can win one of these two prizes. tiffany, please show him the prizes. jonathan: it's a trip to florida or a new motorcycle. (cheers and applause) (cheering) you'll escape to the gulf coast for five nights in la playa beach and golf resort in naples, a boutique property with a private white sand beach. relax in a cabana by one of the cascading pools, order lunch from a beach butler or take in stunning sunsets from the resort's golf course. plus you'll enjoy luxury spa treatments along with daily breakfast and round-trip air fare, making this deal worth $7,900. or... tame any terrain on this suzuki dr-z400s,
10:18 am
featuring advanced chassis and suspension systems. engineered for off-road agility and smooth street performance, this deal is worth $6,395. wayne: okay, so there's your deal. this game is called just the facts. just the facts, ma'am. on the board there are two years: 1977, 1981. also on the board there are three facts. the facts are: us magazine is first published. ibm releases its first personal computer. and sesame street "day-butts" on tv. jonathan: the word is "dee-boots." wayne: oh, sorry, sesame street debuts on tv. one of those facts happened in '77, one happened in '81, and the third fact happened in neither. your job is to assign one of the years to the matching facts below. the year you pick will determine what prize you're playing for.
10:19 am
okay? so pick a year. -1981. wayne: 1981. you're feeling good about that year? -that's the year i was born! wayne: yes, and the world has never been the same, okay. jonathan? jonathan: looks like he's playing for the motorcycle. wayne: all right, so now to win the motorcycle, pick the fact you think matches that date. what happened in '81? was it us magazine, was it ibm, or was it sesame street? (crowd shouting) -ibm? i'm going to go with ibm. wayne: he's going to go with ibm. okay. if you're wrong, then you leave with nothing. so how about, what's in my pocket? i'll give you $700 right now to just stop playing. (crowd shouting) -i'm going to take the money. wayne: he's taking the money. -whoo!
10:20 am
wayne: so you got yourself $700, my friend. now let's take a look. sesame street debuts on tv when, mr. mangum? '69. so that was the one that was neither. ibm releases its first personal computer in... was it '81? -oh! wayne: and us magazine, of course, was published in '77. you know what? good job, you got yourself some cash, man. nice job, have a seat. so, cars, cash, trips. what else can you ask for? more "let's make a deal" right after this.
10:21 am
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10:25 am
wayne: everybody, welcome back to "let's make a deal." i'm here with my buddy, mr. cat gray. we're going to do a little something right now that i need two people that are good at making noises. (cheers and applause) you, right there. and you, right there. the guy in... the workout dude. come here, come with me. (cheering) natalie, how are you doing? stand right there for me. you, travis, come over here. team u.s.a., stand over here for me, travis. all right. now, you're with the mad air? let's make a deal air? -(breathless): deal airlines, yes, sir. wayne: (mumbling) (seat belt beep) wayne: oh, it appears that this is where we're getting off. so we're going to do a little game right now. jonathan and i are going to improvise a little bit, and you're going to help us. we're going to do something called sound effects, so you're going the make all of my sound effects, travis. natalie, you're going to do the same thing for jonathan. then we're going to do a little scene. at the end of that, you in the audience,
10:26 am
you will decide who made the better sound effects. you will clap. the person who gets the most applause, you stay and you make a deal. the person who does not, you get $100 and you get to sit down. all right? so let's see. you, ma'am, where is the best place you've ever gone? -las vegas. wayne: las vegas. so this scene will happens in las vegas. jonathan: hi, welcome to las vegas. wayne: hi, i came to play the slot machines. jonathan: is that your bag full of quarters? -(dinging) rrrrrring! (crowd laughing) ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. rrrrrring! jonathan: yeah, we're in vegas. all right, put it down on the table right there. i'll go ahead and spin the wheel, we'll see if you win. (loud buzzing) you win an elephant, congratulations. wayne: yay! yay! jonathan: you're the first elephant winner this year. wayne: that's amazing. wait, i was so excited that i need a bit of oxygen from my tank.
10:27 am
(gasping loudly) jonathan: he's sort of just going to spit into it. okay, that's fine. because you're a high roller, we're giving you a free suite. let me open the door right here -boom! i exploded it open. wayne: this must be the david blaine suite. jonathan: it is. here's a hot tub already bubbling for you. (burbling) wayne: it's "the flight of the bumblebee." jonathan: it is. wayne: do you mind if i turn on this cd? jonathan: go ahead, turn it on. (beatboxing) wayne: the cast of jersey shore must be here. jonathan: yes, and they're doing dubstep, which is exciting. well, i want to thank you for coming to vegas. wayne: you know what? some people don't notice, but i happen to be from mexico and the way we say our thank you is like this. (yipping) not quite what i wanted to say, but it's been said. jonathan: it's been said. wayne: give them both a round of applause. jonathan: good job. wayne: but now we have to see who made the best sound effects. was it travis?
10:28 am
was it natalie? wayne: half of that actually came from natalie herself. natalie, we are going to give you $100, my dear. safe travels back home. travis, we're making a deal, brother. so what do you get for the sound effects? -um... wayne: $1,000. -oh! wayne: here's the deal. you can keep your $1,000 or you can buy a box. in that big box over there, there may be something great in there, it sells for half of your money. so you'll still leave with 500 bucks, or you can buy a small box that jonathan money is going to bring out, and i call him jonathan money sometimes-- it's his street name. jonathan: jonathan money. wayne: small change. jonathan: ben franken. wayne: so you can... (laughing) you can go with whatever...
10:29 am
(laughing) "ben franken"? jonathan: yeah, that's what i call him, ben franken. wayne: so spend all your money, so $1,000 gone, this could be good, it could be bad, or half your money, could be good, could be bad. big box, small box, or just keep your money? -all right. i'll keep the money. i hate it, i'm going to keep the money. wayne: you hate it? you're going to keep the money. what do you hate? -i promised my girlfriend that if we got up to $1,000 i would keep the money, and i love her and we gotta stay together, so... and my mustache is falling off, so... wayne: how long have you guys been together? -about a year now, just over a year. wayne: just over a year. and you promised her. you know, it's awesome, but what if you guys break up some day and you're watching a rerun of the show and then you're like, "i could have had that car!" and then you're like, oh... (pretending to cry) (dialing) "hi, what's up?" "it's me..." (crying) -i'm with walter right now. (hangs up phone) (imitating dial tone) (crying) and then you're on your tivo.
10:30 am
"we've been together for a year. we've been together for over a year." that would just suck. but cool, you're keeping the money. let's see what's in the box. big box, half your money. jonathan: you could have won new appliances. this package included a stainless-steel refrigerator with slide-out freezer and this free-standing gas range with five burners, plus we were throwing in this stunning set of superior quality cookware and utensils. this deal is worth $3,703. wayne: that's all right, because the kitchen would just be a reminder, too, because every time you went in to make eggs... (crying) okay. -don't need that. wayne: what's in the box? jet propelled skates. jonathan: that's right, check it out. wayne: look at it. you see that? wow. so you know what? congratulations.
10:31 am
good job, travis. if you'd like to t tickets to join us here for a taping of "let's make a deal" in sunny los angeles, you gotta go to, log on, get your tickets or call this number: jonathan: 888-533-2550. that's triple 8, 533-2550.
10:32 am
10:33 am
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with new mom programs, lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal."
10:35 am
big deal of the day, $25,305 worth of deal. in first place, chad with the car, $15,250. second place, michael, the home theater, $3,111. things could change, let's see what happens. who wants to make a deal? let's go. (cheers and applause) krislyn, krislyn the rocker. come here. how are you doing? -good, how are you? wayne: come on over here. we're going to play a little game that could win you this. jonathan: it's a nissan versa! this 2012 versa sedan features a 1.6 liter double overhead cam engine, a five-speed manual transmission, and speed-sensitive electric power steering. this deal is worth $11,900. wayne: to win that car, you're going to have to play gold rush! hee-hee-hee. to win that car you need to mine
10:36 am
five consecutive pieces of gold right over here. on stage, there are eight containers. six of them contain gold, two of them contain dynamite, which is the zonk. one at a time, you will pick a container on stage. if it contains gold, you move one step up the money ladder from $500 to $1,000, to $2,000, to $4,000, to a brand new car. but if it contains dynamite, you're blasted back to the bottom of the ladder, and you have to start over. you find both sets of dynamite, the game is over, you've been zonked out, you leave with absolutely nothing. and depending on when you get zonked, if you get zonked, then you may not have enough money left to get back to the top to get that car. all right, here we go. krislyn, pick a box. -i'm going to go with seven. wayne: seven. there you go, gold. all right, gold. so you have $500. do you keep the cash and walk away or do you keep on playing?
10:37 am
-i'm going to keep on playing. wayne: all right. -three. wayne: three. oh... good news is you still have enough left to win the car. you have enough gold left to win the car. all you have to do is not get zonked. pick again. -i'm going to go with... let's go with four. wayne: four. 500 bucks. do you keep playing or do you stop? -i want to keep playing. wayne: hit it. -one. wayne: you now have $1,000. do you stop or do you keep going?
10:38 am
-i'm going to stay. wayne: she's going to stop. she's going to stop. you get $1,000, then. just for fun, let's keep on playing, just for fun. okay, pick one. -okay, i'm go to go with five. wayne: you would have gotten $2,000. then what? -um, eight. wayne: eight. tiffany: let's see. wayne: $4,000. then what? -two. wayne: two. this is a nail biter. you you would have gotten the car, krislyn. -oh my goodness. hey, $1,000, it's good. wayne: hey, that's so cool. she's got $1,000, she's happy. show us the stick of dynamite. more "let's make a deal" right after this.
10:39 am
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10:42 am
uh, sir... ah... [ male announcer ] layaway's back. shop now and have more time to pay. walmart. shop now and have more time to pay. ffor help finding a plan that's right for you, give unitedhealthcare a call today. wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." who wants to make a deal? (cheers and applause) this guy right there, you, yes, you. hey. what's your name? -john.
10:43 am
wayne: nice to meet you, john. john, i've got something for you right behind curtain number three. there is a clue for that. the clue is something you've seen in today's show. is there something in today's show that you've seen that you really liked? -his car. wayne: his car, all right. so we're going to let you wrestle him for... no, no, that would actually be hunger games. so, okay, maybe there's his car, maybe that exact car, you could get that car if it's behind curtain number three. we also have a small box for you, jonathan. inside that box the clue is "something new." so, something we have seen. now keep in mind we've also seen zonks, right? -yes. wayne: that could be a zonk. so go with something you've seen or something new. whatever you do not take, i'm giving to... you in the blue. you with the blue, yes. come, sweetheart. (cheering) and you are darrisette? -yes, i am darrisette. wayne: nice to meet you, darrisette.
10:44 am
darrisette, john, john, darrisette. -hi. -nice to meet you. wayne: all right, so what do you want, something you've seen or something brand new? -new. wayne: new. something new, so you're taking the box. how about i give you $900 to not take what's in that box? (audience shouting) -the box. wayne: the box. $1,200. (audience shouting) -cash. wayne: he's taking the cash, so we're giving you $1,200 and you're not getting this. jonathan: you could have won a new rolex! this steel rolex watch features a self-winding system and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. this deal was worth $5,050. wayne: congratulations, you got your cash. have a seat, my friend. now, darrisette, that's a beautiful name. -thank you. wayne: oh, your mom said thank you.
10:45 am
"thank you, i named her that." now, darrisette, it's something you've seen on the show today. what would you like that you've seen on the show today? -a car, wayne. wayne: a car, okay. so a car, cool. it could be a zonk car. we've also seen the... remember zonkey the donkey that was... -no, no. wayne: no, you don't or no... -i don't, no. wayne: so you're fending off the memory, "no no, donkey in a chair, hell no." -never, never. wayne: it could be, though, it could be. so how about i give you $1,200 to not take that curtain? (audience shouting) we had a trip to florida, we had a motorcycle as well. we had a kitchen, had a barbecue. we had rocket shoes. -i think i'll go with the money, wayne. wayne: she's going with the money, $1,200 bucks. you're passing up... you know this could be a car, right? open the curtain.
10:46 am
(nervous groan) jonathan: you could have won chicken a la king! wayne: congratulations, darrisette. thank you so much for playing. have a seat. nice. what's up, zonkey? zonkey, we hanging out after the show? (zonkey braying) okay, i'll see you there. by the way, it's time for the big deal of the day. (cheering) the big deal of the day is worth $25,305. who's in first place? chad with the car, $15,250. i'm going to ask chad if he's willing to give up that brand new car for a shot at the big deal. chad, stand up, my friend. what are you going to do? are you going to keep the car or give it up? -i'm going to keep the car. wayne: he's keeping his car. come on. thank you so much. mike had the home theater worth $3,111. stand up, mike. michael, what are you going to do?
10:47 am
keep that tv or trade it for a shot at the big deal worth $25,305? -let's do it. wayne: let's do it, you heard him. he's going in. he's going to pick the right door, we hope, so he can walk out of here with that big deal, right after this. you've got to be kidding me. sweetie, help us settle this. i say this and this
10:48 am
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wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." the big deal of the day, $25,305 worth of big deal. mike here decides to give up the home theater. that was such a sweet home theater. $3,111 worth of tv. (cheers and applause) -you can't get anywhere without taking chances. wayne: that is true, that is true. how much is the big deal worth again? -$25,305. (cheers and applause) wayne: so who did you bring with you today to back you up, to give you support? -i brought my wife. wayne: let's bring your wife down. (crowd cheering) and you are larissa? -yes. wayne: nice to meet you, larissa. pleasure.
10:51 am
hey, big hands. so how did you guys meet? -we met swing dancing. wayne: you met swing dancing? so can you swing? (swing music playing) well, before we do the deal, why don't you two get down real quick? (cheers and applause) wayne: sweet! very nice! nice moves, my friend, very nice. you too, ma'am. all right, so while you're here, why don't you stay so you can help him make the decision, because this is a huge decision. the big deal of the day, it's behind one of these doors, could be behind door one, door two, or door three.
10:52 am
all you have to do is pick the right door. which door? (crowd shouting) -i'm going to go with door number three. wayne: door number three. let's take a look at door number one. (drum roll) jonathan: you could have won a new dining room! this collection included a dark walnut dining table and four fabric dining chairs, plus a private chef would have come to your home to prepare a gourmet dinner for two. this deal was worth $3,475. wayne: okay, that's not the big deal. this is good. so you picked door three. there's door three and door two left. i'm going to show you what's behind door three, your door. if we open this door and the big deal is there, it's yours. door three. (drum roll)
10:53 am
jonathan: it's a trip to st. lucia! (cheering) wayne: that's great! jonathan: unwind for four nights at the ultimate luxury included vacation at sandals halcyon beach st. lucia resort. this magnificent retreat features luxurious rooms, an array of land and water activities, exceptional dining and more. it's all included from round-trip air fare is also included in this deal worth $6,696. wayne: oh, the trip to st. lucia, that's not the big deal, but it is worth more than the tv that you gave up. you're right, you gave it up, you took a chance, you got a great trip for the two of you. of course it's not the big deal, but it's a great deal. congratulations to the two of you. what's behind door number two? what's worth $25,305? it's a brand new car. jonathan: you could have won a new vw beetle! this redesigned 2012 beetle coupe features a six-speed automatic transmission, an eight-speaker premium audio system and deluxe touchscreen navigation. this big deal was worth $25,305.
10:54 am
wayne: congratulations. you guys have fun on the trip and thank you so much for serving us. folks, quicky deals coming up next. it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works,
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-yes. wayne: can you show me an allen wrench? -yes, i can. wayne: boom! there's 500 bucks. how did you know to bring an allen wrench? -i went on twitter and they tell you exactly what to bring. wayne: bingo, he follows us, @letsmakedealcbs, twitter. good job, thank you, hideo. jonathan? jonathan: stand up for me, john, stand up for me, sir. are you a security guard? -yes. jonathan: perfect. you ever play cards? -a little. jonathan: what is your favorite suit? -hearts. jonathan: if you pull a heart, you're going to get $100.
10:57 am
hold it up, hold it up. oh, thank you so much. so close, thanks, john. wayne: tiffany. tiffany: okay. i'm coming to the beautiful ballerina right here. stand up for me, please. i have $100 with your name on it if you have an eyelash curler. -no, i don't have one. tiffany: i'm sorry, jacklyn. jonathan: let's do one more here. stand up for me, sir. stand up for me, please. what is your name? -gilles. jonathan: are you french? -i'm french canadian. jonathan: canadian-- welcome, welcome. pick a card, just tell me a card, actually. tell me any card. -king of hearts. jonathan: king of hearts. i was going to ask if the top card was higher or lower than the card you picked. that's pretty good. is it higher or lower, for $100? -lower. jonathan: it is, you get $100.
10:58 am
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